Participating in a GSP service trip is a one-of-a-kind experience. You don't realize what you're capable of until you have the chance to partner with others. 

Student Experience

"I have never been on an adventure like my time in Belize, where everything I took part in was a new experience." -Andrea

"Going to Belize with Global Service Partnerships helped me open up my mind, my voice, and most especially, my heart." -Anna

"The service really changed my mind and heart.  As the kids grew closer to me, I felt more and more love from the kids.  I thought my presence here wouldn't mean that much to the kids, but they really proved me wrong." -Shihwan

Parent Experience

"The service learning project not only allowed me and my daughter to do something special and memorable together … but we felt like we were not only contributing something to them, but they contributed back to us.” -Katharine

"Guiding our children away from selfishness and egocentric behavior is always a challenge in today's materialistic and often times secular world. The true joy of living outside of one's self by helping others can only be experienced, as that can never be taught." -Bill