October 19-26, 2019

Join us in Belize as we open our hearts and minds to new possibilities! Empowerment, heart connection and self-awareness are yours to have during this week-long retreat. Through self-inquiry, adventure, relaxation and lots of pampering, you will replenish, discover and ignite your wholehearted courageously beautiful self!  

Honor your courageous heart.
Embrace your authentic wholeness - both tender and fierce.
Ignite the joy that fuels your soul with renewed purpose!

Why:  When changes in life bring heartache and grief, it can leave us feeling lost, hopeless, exhausted and without purpose.  There comes a time when we are ready to create new life.  As we explore our old patterns rooted in fear, we can then begin to create a new purpose filled life, led by the wisdom of our heart.  Think of this retreat as a soul tune up! Slow your mind, relax your body and expand your heart on this soul satisfying adventure.

How:  The adventure begins by webinar 3 weeks before our departure.  During our time together we will explore and create our own unique wellness plan that honors and celebrates your wholehearted self!  We continue the adventure in Belize with guided daily experiences, adventure, connection and relaxation.  After we return home, we will continue the journey with two more meetings by webinar.  Travel offers a unique experience and a chance to see life with new lenses.  We will use many tools to engage our mind, heart and soul while exploring Belize. 

Who:  Join Wellness Educator, Marni Henderson and our personal magical maker, tour and accommodations guide, Kelli Rae with Global Service Partnerships!  Marni works with clients to begin the process of self-inquiry by exploring how our heart and mind communicate. We discover how grief, change and stress affect health according to your own unique coping skills and patterns.  Your inner wisdom and awareness guides us to create action and engage life filled with hope, passion and joyful purpose. By the end of the retreat, we will weave all the pieces together with a personal vision plan that honors and celebrates you!



  • Date: October 19 – 26, 2019

  • Location:  Caye Caulker, Belize!  Twenty miles off the coast of Belize is Caye Caulker, a small, 5 mile long island with a population of about 1,300.  With the motto being “Go Slow”, it is a natural place to replenish and relax.  Transportation by bike or golf cart makes it a really fun adventure as full size vehicles are prohibited! 

  • Cost: 

    • $3250/person (all-inclusive):  $250 early bird discount through September 19th!

    • $3500/person (all-inclusive): beginning September 19th!

      • Pre-retreat:  6 week class with Marni Henderson including a one-on-one in Belize

      • Retreat:  Spend the week together in Belize with guided daily experiences, adventure, connection and relaxation.  Travel offers a unique experience and a chance to see life with new lenses. 

        • Fully supported and guided international retreat experience

        • Beautiful boutique-style lodging

        • All meals included with luscious local Belizean food

        • All transportation (land and water)

        • Replenishing massage from our local masseuses in Belize

        • Day of adventure as we snorkel and sail the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea

        • Day-long inland river excursion exploring Lamanai Mayan Temple site

        • Engage the culture through dynamic Creole and Garifuna workshops

        • Fill your heart by volunteering in a local Belizean school

        • All guides, excursions, entrance fees and service materials

        • Traveler’s insurance

      • Post-retreat: After we return home, we will continue the journey with two more classes by webinar.  

      • Not included:  round trip airfare to Belize, luggage fees, incidentals and souvenirs

  • Payments:

    • $500 deposit due at the time of booking

    • Balance due by September 9th, 2019

    • Payment plans available upon request

Belize 2018-02315.jpg


    Arrive at the Belize City International airport (BZE) on Friday, October 19th.  We will meet at the airport and transfer via water taxi to our accommodations on the island of Caye Caulker.  Upon arrival, we’ll get settled into our private villas and relax before our welcome dinner.  Under the magic of a Caribbean sky, we allow our tensions to dissolve into the ocean as we start the week long journey together.  After a relaxing meal, we rest our bodies while tucked away in our private cottages.  


    Find yourself enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch, reading a book or strolling to the beach as you rise to your first day on retreat.  We will then enjoy breakfast and sunrise yoga (optional) on the caye. During the morning workshop, we take time to settle into our environment and savor the sounds of the ocean as she continues to wash away the old stories and fear based thoughts. Opening our hearts to a whole new reality sets the tone for our first full day in Belize.  Before we can release what no longer serves us, we must step into a witnessing of ourselves.  How delicious to experience this while surrounded by the sounds of the ocean, sand under our feet and the sensuous smells of coconuts. Lunch is then served and after, we Join Dixie Cacho, Garifuna Dance Instructor, in a dynamic and enchanting dance workshop.  Learn about the history of the Garifuna culture, the reasons behind the movements, and soak up the rich, cultural drumming beats. Taking time to relax or explore the island before dinner is served and we wrap up the day of discovery.  

  • Day 3 // SNORKEL + SAIL
    After breakfast and yoga (optional) on caye. How better to expand our awareness of potential dreams and future realities than spending the day on the ocean exploring a whole new world!  We will meet our wonderful captain and tour guide, Carlos, on his catamaran.  This day brings a spectacular full day of sailing and snorkeling alongside sea turtles and various colorful sea life, and a delicious local lunch served on the boat.  After three to five stops on the Belize Barrier Reef, we sail home and return to our villas.  It is day three, and we are starting to relax and soak up the magic of Belize, the ocean and our souls!  Continue to relax as we enjoy dinner and share our stories of the day!  


    Coffee, read a book, savor the sunrise!  Breakfast and sunrise yoga (optional) on caye.  Now that we have started to observe ourselves from a different lens, we can begin to offer compassion and wisdom to ourselves.  What does that look like for each of us?  How do we choose to take action within our truths, dreams and amazingness?  Today, you will enjoy a relaxing massage with the best on the island, Healing Touch.  After lunch, Eva (owner of Healing Touch) guides us in a cooking classto learn how to make a local dish for dinner and take a recipe home (optional).  We bring our full day to a close with a creole drumming dance ceremony on the beach. YES! 


    Breakfast and sunrise yoga (optional) on caye.  We often hear that helping others brings healing to ourselves.  This is the sweet magic that occurs as we depart for the local primary school for morning service.  We give our time and open our hearts to the local community school.  The cultural and heart exchange is priceless.  After lunch, we join Mrs. Annelita Garcia, Maya educator and community leader, as we learn about the Maya culture and make cultural arts and crafts with her guidance. What you’re your heart and soul fancy next? Maybe a stroll into town, a quiet siesta on the beach, maybe a paddleboard excursion?  Enjoy yourself until dinner is served and then relax some more!  


    Breakfast and sunrise yoga (optional) on caye.  It’s time to IGNITE the soul.  We’ve explored our fears and stress response patterns in the brain, welcomed compassion and awareness into our hearts and now we discover what lights up our soul! We set out for the day’s adventure to the Lamanai Maya Temple.   The excursion is a full day and lunch is served.  After the tour, we return to our villa for dinner and to unwind.  We will gather after dinner for our group activity and share our stories of adventure once again!  


    How do you choose to start the day?  Rise to the sunrise, meditate by the ocean, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, enjoy breakfast or maybe sunrise yoga? This is our day to put all the pieces together as we create our own unique tool set to take home.  No we don’t want to go home yet, so maybe you will end up staying longer!  What information have we begun to learn about ourselves and how will we implement that at home?  This leisurely day gives space for relaxation, future planning and exploring.  We will gather for a final dinner to celebrate as we prepare to reenter our daily lives back home with renewed joyful purpose.

  • Day 8 // DEPARTURE

    Rise to our final day in Belize. Our closing ceremony honors all that we have experienced together and sends us home with full hearts.  We then depart for the airport or remain in Belize for personal travel.  

Learn more about this retreat, accommodations,
what's included, and Marni Henderson:

This retreat is based on Marni Henderson’s expertise as a licensed Whole Health Educator and Coach™.  We will explore our wellness through a wholehearted perspective while engaging our courageous self!  This is not a counseling, support group or medical retreat. Numerous methodologies will be used to embrace our authenticity and discover the next step in living with hope while creating new life and joyful purpose.  You can find out more on many of the topics covered in the retreat through her blog here! 

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Global Service Partnerships is thrilled and honored to work in partnership with Marni Henderson of
Coalesce Discoveries to provide this unique retreat.


“I do not know how to thank you for the experience in Belize.  I knew I had to go and I have no regrets.  I will cherish the memories forever.  I am home and I have yet to feel my "funk."  I truly believe I may have left it in the waters off the coast of Belize. I think this trip challenged me to overcome so many fears I had inside.  This trip taught me that I can pretty much do anything I put my mind to.  I overcame so many fears I can hardly believe it myself. Because of you and all of your guidance, I am such a stronger woman. I am excited to see where my journey leads me.”

• Carol

After meeting Marni and Kelli months before our trip, I expected to have an amazing time in Belize, which in fact, surpassed my expectations. From the challenging ATM caves to snorkeling in Shark Ray Alley, it will go down as one of the best experiences of my life and one I will never forget. What I didn’t expect was to feel so comfortable around a group of women I hadn’t met before. With Marni’s comforting guidance I think we all learned that we aren’t alone in our feelings of loss and actually came away with the necessary tools to continue on our life journey to the fullest. I think Kelli said it best “sometimes circumstances bring special people into your life at just the right time, people you were meant to meet all along”. I will never forget my time in Belize or the amazing women I met there. I’m so happy to have met Marni and Kelli, two women who are truly striving to make a difference in this world and nailing it.

I wasn’t interested in going to a grief group, I didn’t want to share my grief or experience other people’s despair. I went to Belize to enjoy a vacation. I understood I didn’t have to participate in any group sessions if I didn’t want to. My neice was worried about me going, she was concerned sharing grief with a group of widows would be too much for me. 

What I experienced was a group of women who shared a connection. The group sessions conducted by Marni were so caring and therapeutic, I felt comforted and empowered. I didn’t feel disabled around these women like I did around friends my husband and I had had for years. I made friends I can count on, people I like to be around, the thing you need the most when you experience a devastating loss. Marni offers friendships, not crying sessions, a way to survive loss and not be consumed completely by despair. It was an experience that changed my life.”

  • Vicki

“I learned so much about myself on the trip to Belize with you.  I navigated international travel, all the shots, and paperwork necessary to make this trip happen.  I swam a river, a cave, the barrier reef ..... and with sharks!  These are things I would never have dreamed of without this opportunity of a lifetime.  Thank you for showing me that whatever happens in my life I know I will be okay.”

  • Verna