April 26-May 3, 2019

Join us on a week-long retreat with Life Reentry® Practitioner, Marni Henderson of Coalesce Discoveries and our personal magic maker, tour and accommodations guide, Kelli Rae with Global Service Partnerships!

Honor your courageous heart.
Embrace your authentic wholeness- both tender and fierce.
Ignite the joy that fuels your soul with renewed purpose!

Who:  When changes in life bring heartache and grief, it can leave us feeling lost, hopeless and without purpose.  There comes a time when we are ready to create new life as we explore the wisdom of our heart. This retreat calls to the adventurous soul willing to lean into the fullness of life!  We honor all forms of loss and change, we don’t define it.  

What:  Marni works with clients privately and in group to begin the process of self-inquiry by understanding how our heart and mind communicate. How does loss affect our overall health and how we cope with life?  As we discover how our unique patterns create our present, we can begin to embrace new awareness as we take action to reenter life filled with hope, passion, adventure and joyful purpose. By the end of the retreat, we will weave all the pieces together by creating our personal vision plan and celebrating our wholehearted courageous self! 

  • Pre-retreat:  A six week Life Reentry® class beginning 4 weeks before our departure to Belize (beginning April 2nd we will meet weekly by webinar on Zoom).

  • Retreat:  Spend the week together in Belize as we continue the process of Life Reentry® with guided daily experiences, adventure, connection and relaxation.  Travel offers a unique experience and a chance to see life with new lenses.  We will use the tools from Life Reentry® to engage our mind, heart and soul while exploring Belize.  It truly is an unBelizable retreat.  

  • Post-retreat: After we return home, we will continue the journey with two more classes by webinar.  

How:  This retreat is limited to 8 courageous souls making it an intimate and personal trip.  Our hearts yearn to be loved and love others. Sharing time in a rural primary school gives us a chance to extend our hand and open our hearts.  Spend time engaging with the local Belize culture by volunteering in a rural primary school supporting English language skills.

Sail and snorkel on the crystal clear Caribbean waters. We will join the best tour in the area as we hop on the catamaran, put on our snorkel gear, and swim alongside the beautiful sea animals in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Savor fresh local food, enjoy a massage, take a delicious sunset nap in a hammock or find solitude while kayaking the mangroves. Let the ocean and sunshine heal your soul.   

With local experts as our guides, we will explore history first hand inside the world-renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave. Enjoy a hands-on cooking class with a local chef, relish in a dynamic, Garifuna guest speaker introducing the uniqueness of Belize or join a Maya woman as you learn about her culture and make Maya arts and crafts.



  • Date: April 26-May 3, 2019

    • Please book flights to arrive at the Belize City International Airport (Airport code: BZE) on April 26, 2019. Program wrap up is the morning of Friday, May 3. Depart the country on May 3rd or remain in country for personal travel.

  • Cost:  $3500/person

    • Costs are all-inclusive:  6 week Life Reentry® class, fully supported and guided international retreat experience, lodging, meals, land and water transportation, a massage, guides, excursions, entrance fees, service materials and travel insurance.

      1. Not included:  round trip international airfare to Belize, luggage fees, incidentals and souvenirs.

  • Payments:

    • $500 deposit due at the time of booking.

      1. Balance due by April 1st, 2019.

      2. Payment plans available upon request.

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Learn more about this retreat, accommodations,
Life Reentry, what's included, and Marni Henderson:

What is the Life Reentry® model?  “The Life Reentry® Model does not replace old models of grief.  Instead, it is the next step in the journey to healing and new life after loss. The Life Reentry® Model provides a supportive social structure to the process of shifting from a “waiting room” mindset to one of re-entry. It supports individuals in understanding the many layers of their loss and guides clients through the process of rediscovering joy, redefining identities, and re-entering life.” Life Reentry® Institute 2018

This retreat is based on Marni Henderson’s expertise as a licensed Whole Health Educator and Coach™ as well as Certified Life Reentry® Practitioner.  We will explore our wellness through a wholehearted perspective while engaging our courageous self!  This is not a counseling, support group or medical retreat. Numerous methodologies will be used to embrace our authenticity including the Life Reentry Method, and discover the next step in living with hope while creating new life and joyful purpose.  You can find out more on many of the topics covered in the retreat through her blog here! 

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Global Service Partnerships is thrilled and honored to work in partnership with Marni Henderson of
Coalesce Discoveries to provide this unique retreat.